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The next generation in liners – Aggression Prime Wear Liners and ZTA Ceramics

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The next generation in liners; Aggression Prime and ZTA Ceramics

The attributes of both rubber and ceramic wear liners are well known in the industry today. Rubber wear liners provide excellent abrasion resistance and impact resistance for various applications in the mining and mineral processing industry.  Traditional ceramic liners provide an even higher level of wear resistance, albeit at the expense of impact resistance.

Our newly developed Prime rubber liner compound and ZTA wear liners are the next generation of wear materials offering the ultimate in all-round durability.

Aggression Prime Liners

Applications for Aggression Prime liners include chutes, launders, conveyor components, screen media, trommel panels, general wear applications and feature:

  • Significantly increased wear life over traditional rubber wear liners
  • Increased overall tensile strength
  • Excellent impact resistance

Preliminary test results show an improvement of up to 500% in abrasion resistance, an increase in tensile strength of 40% and an increased tear strength of around 50%.

ZTA Ceramic Wear Liners

The next generation in ceramic wear liners are the ZTA liners, offering the ultimate in abrasive resistant high-density zirconia toughened ceramic.  The ZTA ceramics are vulcanized to a rubber bed and steel plate suitable for stud welding. They offer an increased lifetime of more than 2.5 to 3 times more than standard ceramic liners, plus a significant increase in impact resistance, which make ZTA liners an ideal solution for problematic applications where traditional liners struggle.  Applications include:

  • Deflector/impact plates
  • Skirt Liners
  • Bins and hoppers
  • Chutes
  • Launders

To find out more about Tega Losugen Australia’s full range of wear-resistant liners contact the office on 08 9414 7922, to discuss requirements for your business.

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