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Trommel fabrication and install in WA

Trommel Fabrication and Install

Losugen, a Tega company, recently refurbished a trommel for a client in Northwest Western Australia. The trommel @ 3.6m x 4.33m arrived on time and safely at its destination in mid August.

The trommel will be installed by Losugen’s own field service crew, who are already on site carrying out other works during the current shutdown.

The refurbishment scope of work of the Trommel included:

✅ Stripping of trommel panels, dams & drip ring
✅ Ultra-High pressure blasting to remove old frame lining (poly & rubber)
✅ Abrasive blasting
✅ Magnetic Particle Inspection
✅ Ultrasonic Testing and structural steel inspection
✅ Application of polyurethane coating
✅ Application of rubber lining
✅ Manufacture & installation of panels & dams
✅ Delivery to site

Well done to the team involved.

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