DuroTek Chute and Launder Flow Systems

Chutes play an important role in the process of material transfer. An optimal chute design can assist in smooth material flow without any loss in product whilst it is transported from one transfer point to another.

Tega designs their Chute and Launder systems with the use of various proprietary software, including; DEM, FEA, ANSYS, SymTraj, SymRos, SymTrop, SymWear, SymFlo, etc.

Image module
Image module

DuroTek Chute and Launder Benefits:

  • Ensure continuous and free flowing material transfer.
  • Ensure minimal impact zones in the chute
  • Reduces spillage by mitigating the belt sway
  • Control dust emissions.
  • Improved Liner Life.
  • Reduction in noise levels.
Image module
Image module