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Case Study: DynaPrime vs Steel Mill Liners. Client Comparison Report

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Case Study: DynaPrime vs Steel Mill Liner Client Comparison Report


In 2021 a valued Tega client commissioned and internal review on the performance and operational savings achieved on the recent installation of DynaPrime mill liners.

The following are extracts from the actual report detailing a comprehensive review on the DynaPrime mill liners, including:

  • Steel v’s DynaPrime Comparison
  • Savings on maintenance hours and costs
  • Savings on operational hours
  • Savings on mill energy consumption
  • Mill lining recommendations

The case study focused on the analysis of a 26 x 43ft Ball Mill.

The Report Findings

Client Recommendations

The report concluded with recommendations to transition from steel mill liners to DynaPrime Combination Liners across all relevant mills due to the signification efficiencies a savings made on the:

  • Reline time
  • Mill energy consumption reductions
  • Improved Mill availability hours

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