Aggression Rubber Liners

Tega manufacture and supply a wide range of liners in specialised wear-resistant rubber, polyurethane, polyethylene and a range of ceramic embedded rubber liners for a wide scope of  applications.

This powerful liner technology is based on the most economical solution from the knowledge and experience of 14,000 different applications that we have gained over 28 years.

Our dedicated team of engineers can advise on the optimal type of liners in an integrated solution that addresses each client’s wear and flow requirements.

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Losugen’s exclusive Peek-a-boo orange wear indicator liner

Client-driven Benefits

The Aggression Rubber Liner solution addresses wear resistance problems that have a negative impact on operations with clear features and benefits for the client.

Aggression Rubber Liner Features

  • Enhanced elasticity and dampening properties absorb impact loads.
  • High resilience reduces vibrations by dampening the impact forces.
  • Fire resistance anti-static (FRAS) for hot and flammable bulk material handling.
  • Low hardness compared to steel, reduces minerals degradation and tonnage loss in sized mineral handling.

Client Benefits

  • Increased equipment life through reduced degradation.
  • Prevents damage to the steel structure.
  • Safer operation and prevents conveyor damage.
  • Lower inventories can be maintained due to predictable wear pattern.
  • Lower overall maintenance costs.

Aggression Rubber Liner Specifications

Solid and SB reinforced dimensions

Standard Liner Specifications

  • 500mm x 1000mm
  • 510mm x 510mm
  • 500mm x 1250mm
  • 750mm x 1000mm
  • 750mm x 1250mm

Liner Thickness

Liners are available at the following thickness : 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120mm

Customised dimensions of all liners are also available.

Application Areas

  • Primary and Secondary impacts
  • Sliding & abrasion zones for chutes
  • Hoppers
  • Bins
  • Launders
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A Hopper in our Jandakot workshop for the installation of Aggression rubber liners.


Download Tega Wear Resistant Rubber Liners Brochure

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Steel Reinforced Liners

Tega rubber plates are also available with a 5 to 10mm thick steel backing (SB-ST) for rigid fixing with the mother plate to prevent bulging, floating and sagging from high impact loads.