Ultimo Conveyor Components

Over the last 40 years Tega has built a product database comprising of over 5000 conveyors and chute components.  The in-house Research and Development team has assimilated this combined knowledge and effectively leveraged available technologies and software to provide clients with responsive design solutions focussed on the client’s needs.

The Tega design team understands that your conveyors play a critical role in operational productivity. Our products help clients improve overall system endurance whilst correcting potential problems before they become serious issues.

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Ultimo Conveyor Components Benefits

Eliminate manual / mechanised cleaning of the material from the sides of the conveyor.
Eliminate unwanted belt stoppages.
Increase the life of the conveyor belt and its components.
Reduce operation, maintenance and power costs.
Reduce loss of materials while conveying.
Reduce the cost per ton of material handled.
Eliminate spillage and dust.

Conveyor Products and Accessories

Our range of conveyor products and accessories include:

  • Friflo Impact bed
  • Spill-ex Skirt Sealing System
  • Universal Support System
  • Centrax Tracking Roller Assembly
  • TEGA Jumbo: Impact Bed System
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Spill-ex Skirt Sealing System

Spill-ex Skirt Sealing System Dust Control


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