Refurbishing and Rubber lining

Losugen provides high-quality lining material systems to the resource and infrastructure sectors. Our goal is to provide efficient lining systems across rubber, ceramics and associated linings – with a capability of extending to custom fabricated rubber products, supply of sheet rubber, blasting, PVC piping and painting services.

The typical application of our products and services are implemented in the lining and coating of chemical and process equipment, linings for abrasion and wear resistance, roller, pulley and custom fabrications.

We offer rubber selection advice, rubber lining material systems, rubber fabrication and application services – with a focus on providing customers with a quality lining solution for abrasion resistance as required in mineral processing. This includes chemical-resistant rubber lining of tanks, vessels, piping, and equipment for corrosive chemical applications such as acid plants, electrowinning cells and water treatment plants.

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