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Case Study: Mill Liner Evolution with DynaMax Mill Liners

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Case Study: Mill Liner Evolution with DynaMax Mill Liners


Over a 2 year period from 2020 to 2022 a Tega client evaluated the performance of a DynaSteel, DynaPulp and DynaPrime mill liner solution in a Sag mill 28′ x 13′ (8.5m x 3.9m).

The Problem

Traditional cast steel mill liners had been previously installed and there was excessive wear and cracking of the liner near the FEH and DEH side of the shell liner and a shattered tapered edge.

The DynaMax Solution

Consequently, the client was seeking an alternative, more durable and cost-effective solution and trialed the DynaMax mill lining solution over a period of 2 years.


Full Mill Assembly – DynaMax Solution

The placement and multi-layering of much harder grades of steel inside the rubber matrix is very critical to the design process. This pyramidal shape construction and the use of composite materials, create the right blend of stiffness and damping coefficients.

This has a pronounced advantage over conventional steel liners due to the reduction of contact forces and eliminates the chances of adiabatic shearing and cracking of the liners.

The Results


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